Many business owners are being left behind by a lack of mobile presence. You have to get out in front of the mobile devices beast or your business is likely soon extinct.

Mobile devices accessing the internet will be around 70% of internet usage by 2013. Can your business survive on only 30% of the users in your area accessing the net and dwindling? Can you get 100% of this ever shrinking group?

If you’re not doing mobile you’re already behind. But not too far. You can still catch up and overtake your more forward thinking competitors. Especially if you’re better funded than they are.

Besides, mobile devices convert into sales much higher than desktops or laptops (often used for research). Smartphones average about 2% to 3% conversion to sales. iPads and tablet device convert at 6% to 7% to sales.

Computers are at 1% or less. So clearly mobile is where it’s at. The users have more buying intent on these devices.


What is the key to getting mobile advertising right?
Relevancy is the thing which gets people to engage with an advert. ‘Where I am’, ‘where I was’ and ‘where might I go’ are just some of the things that give a whole new spin on the relevance of an advert, specifically on smartphones and tablets.

Do you think that these ads can convince people to spend money in-app?
Well, we [Mojiva] studied consumer spending over the holiday and were astounded how many people are willing to spend up to $50 when in a mobile application. It’s because credit card entry is now simpler, and because the security is there.

People are comfortable doing transactional things with apps so the question is whether marketers can get people to engage with and ad and then click to buy. We’re starting to see that happen now.

Is mobile where innovation currently exists?
Magazine publishers, app developers and a lot of other traditional purveyors of content are now not necessarily building more web content – they’re asking if they should build apps first. There’s also a lot of brain activity going into whether that should be for native apps or for apps running HTML 5.

How are tablets changing the way these publishers are bringing content to mobile devices?
Tablets only occupy a small fraction of mobile devices at the moment but there’s so much power behind these things. Publishers and app developers have got to make sure they’ve got their content figured out because they don’t want new iPad users to get to their content and be disappointed, or to not to be able to do a transaction.

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