mobile marketing -- you must capture the action's mobile device users take within your mobile marketing campaignsConsumers are using their smartphones more than ever for everything from finding directions, to finding hot nearby restaurants while they’re driving, to comparison-shopping once they’re already inside the store.

In this economy everyone wants to save money and if they can get it cheaper online you can bet your bottom dollar they will.

So you’ve got to be competitive with the online superstores and retailers.

Popular apps that people use are Yelp and YPMobile. Yelp is the local review site where your business must have a listing and positive reviews.

Yellow Pages was smart to make a mobile app because nobody reads the big bulky Yellow Pages phonebook anymore. And their website isn’t very useful either. So their mobile app is their last, best hope.

Mobile friendly content

This means displaying big buttons. Having twitter like text where you get right to the point in as few words as possible is also extremely important when displaying content on mobile devices.

Track mobile ad responses

Where did they click? Did they use your click to call feature? Did they click on your map?

Knowing these things will help you better allocate your mobile ad spend.

Tip: calls generated from mobile ads are the highest response mechanisms right now. So make getting phone calls a high priority in your mobile advertising campaigns.

Mobile app Vs mobile browser users

Mobile browser users present more of a challenge because they’re normally less loyal having just found you from a search ad. So you must have more irresistible offers to get them to engage with you.

Get their contact e-mail or cell phone number so you can re-engage.

Alternatively, tell them about the benefits of downloading your mobile app which is probably the best solution of all.

Full story on marketing land:

Call measurement is valuable for measuring response based on mobile ad type, geographic region, distribution partner, etc. This is especially important for service-based businesses that involve booking appointments or placing inquiries. However, don’t forget to widen the net to track volume of clicks on maps/driving directions, hours of operation, coupons, and other relevant actionable items, as these types of information could be meaningful for other kinds of businesses like gas stations or coffee shops, where someone may go straight to the location rather than placing a call.

All response types should be categorized — e.g., smartphone vs. tablet, mobile browser vs. mobile app, display vs. search ad, geographic region and specific distribution partner — to determine whether ad spend and ad copy are generating intended results.

Segment Mobile Browser Vs. App Users

Taking the mobile browser vs. mobile app user comparison a step further, it’s important to consider that each of these audiences behaves differently. For the mobile browser user crowd, take the time to assess particular click patterns within mobile search ads and whether their engagement resulted in a call or other purchase-related actions. Also track the ad pages where users tend to end their visit and assess whether users are navigating through the ad content as effectively as possible.

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