You’ve heard the blaring headlines about your small business. You must be involved in social media or be left behind.

Twitter and Facebook - Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners

While this is true in many industries they don’t tell you the whole story. You can absolutely get lost in a time rabbit hole of social media if you don’t watch yourself and remain focused.

This can be incredibly hard to do as social media has so many things going on at all times it can suck you in with things you didn’t even know you were interested in. And that doesn’t count the things you actually are interested in.

So what’s the solution to avoid this time suck?

You’ve probably heard of scheduled postings. And you’ve probably heard it’s a negative.

But has anybody ever provided you any real numbers about scheduled postings?

The 2 big findings from these numbers are:

1. timeliness matters in a big way for conversions (adding 74% more conversions)

2. automated posting using an RSS feed is just as effective as manual posting.

So there’s a timeliness bonus because people want their information now. But they don’t care whether it comes from an automated source like an RSS feed or you actually logging into twitter or Facebook and posting an update manually.

This last part is very good news for us as small business owners.

Here’s more from the Argyle study:

Is Post Automation Effective at Generating Conversions?

Now that we’ve shown that post automation is just as effective at generating clicks, let’s dig into automation’s impact on conversions.

An aside: measuring conversions is still nascent in social media marketing, and many community managers still have trouble linking social media activity to business outcomes. The secret to making this connection is multi-touch conversion tracking. Social media typically isn’t the final click that causes a sale or generates a lead, but it influences those behaviors, and this influence is measurable.

Based on our analysis, there is no significant difference between posts published via RSS automation and posts published manually. RSS posts influence an average of $268 in revenue and manual posts influence an average of $267 in revenue. It doesn’t get much closer than that.

Results diverge significantly when it comes to scheduled posting. Posts scheduled to publish in the future have an average influenced revenue of $177, while posts published immediately have an average influenced revenue of $308, a “timeliness bonus” of 74%.

So be timely in your posting and you’ll generate more conversions. The easiest way to do this is to plug in your RSS feed from your blog into your twitter account and your Facebook account so the moment you post it goes out to your network of followers and friends which has proven to get 74% more conversions.

Do you agree with these numbers from your own tests?

Post any thoughts or potential blind spots in these numbers in the comments below.

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