Brands Are Bringing Mobile Rich Media to Facebook

Facebook is expanding its mobile strategy into rich media applicationsLocal businesses and big brands alike are getting in on the Facebook mobile game.

Rich media is now possible.

This includes text, graphics and even embedded video because of mobile’s new HTML5 standard. Since everyone’s got a smartphone, or upgrading, rich media is way more mobile.

So it has to be part of your strategy moving forward.

On Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook business page a user can build their own custom drink with 3-D graphics and even feel their smart phone vibrating as if the coffee was pouring into their cup.

This kind of interactivity using multiple senses and smart phone capabilities will be key. I’ve even heard there were some apps which appeal to smells and odors. These offer a world of possibilities to the marketing agency working with your local business.

Here’s more from xconomy:

This is a big step for Celtra, but founder and CEO Mihael Mikek would be the first to downplay its significance to Facebook’s overall mobile strategy. After all, the social-networking giant is undoubtedly trying out many kinds of mobile-focused ad technologies besides Celtra’s as it seeks to make boatloads more money off its growing mobile audience.

But the Cambridge startup, which took a long road through the recession to get to this point, now sits in a decent spot; mobile advertising seems poised for a rebirth. “This is just the beginning,” Mikek says. “The future will be doing optimization.”

He’s talking about things like making mobile ads shorter or longer depending on how consumers are interacting with them, and taking into account the time of day, consumer’s location, and weather when displaying ads. Celtra already does a lot of this, he says.

More broadly, Mikek, like others, sees that “everything is going to be mobile” in the future of technology. “The next releases of desktops will be powered by mobile software” built to work with things like touchscreens and apps, he says. “Mobile software is the software of the future.”

What mobile steps have you already taken? What steps are you planning for 2012?

If your answer is none, make a quick note of that in the comments and tell me one sentence why.

I promise to read and respond to you with answers and solutions.